passion, prudence and practice

I recently watched an accomplished artist on YouTube creating her illustrious florals in a meager composition book she purchased from a dollar store.  While the medium was thin and flimsy, it was far from wanting under the hands of such a skilled artist, which prompted this article about a subject I’m passionate about: the art supplyContinue reading “passion, prudence and practice”

goldmine of possibilities

I recently read a New York Times article about a hidden stash of valuable drawings found in the walls of Idahoan artist James Castle’s home. (James Charles Castle, 1899-1977).  The sketches were difficult to date because Castle would often hold onto his works for long periods of time, but they think they were created between 1930 andContinue reading “goldmine of possibilities”

oh, gouache!

Deep in the lonely bottom shelves of our cherished arts and crafts stores exists what I believe is a supply often forgotten by the mixed media community.  This past year, I discovered the remarkable qualities of this hidden gem, not by mistake but by purposely setting out to research and experiment with this mostly overlookedContinue reading “oh, gouache!”

she loves her flowers, but not in vases

There’s no doubt my love of flowers and of painting them were great gifts from my beautiful Mom.  In the Summer, you could look out any one of our Michigan farmhouse windows and see rows and mounds of color reaching up toward the sun.  If you were lucky enough to have chosen the right window, you mightContinue reading “she loves her flowers, but not in vases”

unframed, a vintage art journaling course

My First Online Course is Here! Unwrap your gifts of self-assurance and joy! Practically speaking, we as artists are constantly engineering, using our stash of supplies and techniques to construct something fresh and unique. But we’re also revealing – boldly giving our inner selves over to the structures and habits of our work, not knowingContinue reading “unframed, a vintage art journaling course”

painting al fresco

As I write this in late March, I ‘m savoring the early signs of Spring, taking in the abundance of visual material for my current project.  Trees are in full bloom, flowers are breaking through their buds, butterflies are soaring and fiddlehead ferns are unfurling en masse in our Florida backyard.  The anticipated season of warmth isContinue reading “painting al fresco”

from my heart to yours

Love and hearts…I’m all about them!  When I create with my heart in prayer, love always follows, presenting a beautiful way of recording forever my conversations with God.  Leaving my heart on canvas allows me to return to my work years later and recall exactly how I felt. Developing our creative talents challenge us to be whoContinue reading “from my heart to yours”