from my heart to yours

Love and hearts…I’m all about them!  When I create with my heart in prayer, love always follows, presenting a beautiful way of recording forever my conversations with God.  Leaving my heart on canvas allows me to return to my work years later and recall exactly how I felt.

Developing our creative talents challenge us to be who God intended us to be, but at times can be difficult, especially when our vision is unclear because our graces have run short.  But God is always near.  We’re the ones who turn away from His favors and inspiration.  By deepening our relationship with Him through the creative process, we receive the blessings of His gifts in the finished product of our work, every single time.

Marc Chagall thrived in nearly every artistic style and medium, yet he played against the same obstacles we do.  He said it neatly when faced with a blank easel, “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

From my heart to yours…

Published by Elizabeth Tichvon

WRITER/ARTIST * INSTRUCTOR Elizabeth is a UCLA Paralegal Graduate who worked in the legal field for 35 years before retiring from Chrysler; now you'll find her connecting with the public through her art and writings. Elizabeth's websites may be found at - All writings, artwork and photography are subject to her copyright.

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